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Purity of mind

Purity of mind

The scriptures and great teachers of all paths have spoken extensively about the importance of purity. I expose here a selection of significant quotes.

‘ But whoso is devoid of a discriminating intellect, possessed of an unrestrained mind and is ever impure, does not attain that goal, but goes to samsara.’

‘ But whoso is possessed of a discriminating intellect and a restrained mind, and is ever pure, attains that goal from which he is not born again.’
Katha Upanishad

‘ Serenity of mind, good-heartedness, purity of nature, self-control—this is called mental austerity.’

‘ That which is like poison at first but in the end like nectar—that pleasure is declared to be Sattwic, born of the purity of one’s own mind due to Self-realisation.’
Bhagavad Gita

‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’
Jesus Christ

‘While your minds and hearts are impure, how can God live in your hearts? The water to clean the heart is the name of God. So, teach everyone to repeat the name of God - everywhere.’
 Haidakhan Babaji

‘To have a heart as pure as crystal, a mind as luminous as the sun, a soul as vast as the universe,  a spirit as powerful as God and one with God.’

‘On the contrary, these are only certain indications necessary at a particular stage; they are chiefly important for purification, which is the first part of the Yoga. After the shuddhi is complete one has to perfect the mukti, to get liberation, a thing easy after shuddhi, impossible before it.’
Sri Aurobindo

‘But in the pure mind that has been rendered subtle and unmoving by the meditation described above, the Self bliss (i.e., Brahman) will become manifest. As without mind there cannot be experience, it is possible for the purified mind endowed with the extremely subtle mode (vritti) to experience the Self-bliss, by remaining in that form (i.e. in the form of Brahman). Then, that one’s Self is of the nature of Brahman will be clearly experienced.’
Sri Ramana Maharshi SELF-ENQUIRY

‘What is the authority for saying that Brahman can be apprehended by the mind and at the same time that it cannot be apprehended by the mind?’
‘ It cannot be apprehended by the impure mind but can be apprehended by the pure mind.’

‘Good conduct or sat karma purifies the chitta or mind and gives you chitta suddhi. The pure
mind attains jnana, which is what is meant by salvation.’
Sri Ramana Maharshi  DAY BY DAY 

‘Clarify your mind, purify your heart, sanctify your life -- this is the quickest way to a change of your world.’

‘The main thing is to be free of negative emotions desire, fear etc., the 'six enemies' of the mind. Once the mind is free of them, the rest will come easily. Just as cloth kept in soap water will become clean, so will the mind get purified in the stream of pure feelings.’

‘ All that is needed is to purify the mind so that it can realize its identity with the Self’.
Nijargadatta Maharaj I AM THAT

 ‘Therefore it was also said that the sole necessity for Self-realisation is purity of mind.’

‘ Therefore the mind is the only cause that brings about man’s bondage or Liberation: when tainted by the effects of Rajas it leads to bondage, and when pure and divested of the Rajas and Tamas elements it conduces to Liberation.‘
 Therefore the seeker after Liberation must carefully purify the mind. When this is purified, Liberation is as easy of access as a fruit on the palm of one’s hand.’

‘Attaining purity through a preponderance of discrimination and renunciation, the mind makes for Liberation. Hence the wise seeker after Liberation must first strengthen these two.’

‘The man of pure mind realises the Supreme Self, and by this alone Samsara with its root is destroyed.’

‘The truth of the Paramatman is extremely subtle, and cannot be reached by the gross outgoing tendency of the mind. It is only accessible to noble souls with perfectly pure minds, by means of Samadhi brought on by an extraordinary fineness of the mental state’.

‘The purity of the seeker’s mind is the sole means for realization.’
‘By repeated practices in several rebirths his mind becomes pure and turns away from
sense enjoyments to receive the highest teaching of the nondual Reality.’

 ‘From mental purity arises purity of the inner nature, cheerfulness, one-pointedness, control of the senses, and fitness for the vision of the self.’)
Patanjali  YOGA SUTRAS

‘All the techniques of Yoga require perfect ethical and moral purity. This purity is the
foundation of Yogic life.’
 Swami Chitananda THUS SPEAKS

‘No one should seek to do meditation without purity of heart. One is not to enter the path unless the preconditions are fulfilled.’
Swami Krishnananda YOGA SYSTEM

Only Yogis of pure mind can cross this river and enjoy the highest Bliss.’

‘The pure divine qualities are conducive to peace and liberation and the undivine qualities lead to bondage. Purity, good conduct and truth are indispensable to spiritual progress and even to an honourable life here.’
Commentary of Swami Sivananda on BHAGAVAD GITA

 ‘Even so it takes a long time for igniting the fire of knowledge for a man whose heart is impure. But an aspirant with great purity of heart gets knowledge of the Self within the twinkling of an eye, within the time taken to squeeze a flower by the fingers.’
Swami Sivananda EASY STEPS TO YOGA

 ‘The way to liberation or freedom or perfect happiness and peace is through perfect purity of mind and heart, of every act, of character and life, through self-restraint and control of mind, and through regular meditation on the pure self-luminous, indivisible, all-pervading Self or Atman.’
Swami Sivananda ESSENCE OF YOGA
‘Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realise. Be good; do good. Be kind; be compassionate. Practice non-injury, truth and purity. This is the foundation of Yoga and Vedanta.’

Peace  love  harmony

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